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5 Steps To Obtain A Georgia Real Estate License

 [View steps with the George Real Estate Commission]

5 Steps To Becoming A Real Estate Agent in Georgia

  1. Complete the required Georgia Background Check and Investigation/Background Clearance - If Applicable. [More Information on Background Clearance]
  2. Complete the 75 Hour Salespersons Prelicense Course by an approved Real Estate School - Like us at 360 Training - Approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. [More Information]
  3. After completion foo the required courses we will submit the certificates of completion of your Georgia Real Estate School Courses to Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) which is where you will be taking your state exam. You will also be filing you appication for licensure. [More Information]
  4. After submission of the certificates you will then be able to take the state exam at an AMP location near you. [Link to AMP]
  5. After passing the state exam you will be a licensed real estate agent in the state of Georgia. You will be on inactive status until you find a broker to sponsor you.